Only the good die young

Billy Joel seemed to be on to something with this one.

Take a listen:


Normally I would not actually use this particular to derive life lessons from, as it is condoning “bad” behavior, and holding that behavior up high enough to say that if you are not participating in this kind of behavior, then you are not really “living”.  Therefore, you were a “good” person who never lived life to the fullest, so you “died” young regardless of your age.

That being said… I don’t know what the average age of death is currently across the country, I am sure a quick Google search could answer that question.  But it seems as far as celebrities go, they are dropping like flies and barely making it past their 50’s, if they make it through their 20’s.

It makes me sad, and I can’t help but wonder if that is the character and nature of a celebrity, that they eventually become or always were self destructive.  Maybe that’s what makes them what they are to begin with, or is it the additional stress and pressures that the media places on these famous people.  The pedestals that we as fans place them on seems to only set them up for failure and apply a weight on their shoulders that no human can burden.

I don’t know the answer, I know Jimi Hendrix used to say that he could see music… literally hear music and see colors.  To me, that’s a result of a lot of drugs, but i sure appreciate his music.  Drugs or no drugs he was certainly wired in a way where his brain worked differently from the rest of ours, and he was a tremendous artist because of that..

I can’t help but feel though a continual pressing urgency to live life.  Your day could be tomorrow, what will you do today that made it worth it.