David Bowie

Another legend recently lost.  The great David Bowie.  Fascinating in his own special way, sort of a Johnny Depp Mad Hatter of the music industry.

His career was absolutely amazing in how far it reached and how many fans he touched. I am not sure if you can place Bowie in one genre or category of music as he performed everything from what is considered rock, to having a tremendous Christmas duet with the one and only Bing Crosby.  Not many people living in to the 2000’s can say they know who Crosby is much less recorded a duet with him.  Bing was so impressed my Bowie as a young artist they had an impromptu collaboration that took off and is still played every year to this day at Christmas time.

Bowie brought a certain flare to his music and his character that attracted a different kind of following.  I really feel like he was the first version of say a goth or emo kind of fan attraction.  His music and performance were just off the beaten path enough for the misfits to love it, but sounded good enough that it still picked up mainstream radio play and attention.  Being able to span audiences like that is something that others have tried but most are not successful at it.

Bowie, though again has not had any recent contributions, was involved a little in acting as well as writing.  He will be sorely missed for his contributions not just to music bet being the icon that he is.  It is rare, and I know there are plenty of stories about him, that we get iconic artists that aren’t involved in so much debauchery that they can not be held up as decent role models.  Bowie though different, left the world better than he found it, and that’s worth something.